Yesterday In Photos 5

Hi guys! How’s it going today?

So the summer is nearly it’s halfway if we are thinking in months. Time just flies so fast. Well, at least my summer holiday is still ahead of me; I’m going to be on holiday for two and a half weeks starting on 29th June. Can’t wait!

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Yesterday In Photos 4

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog.

A photo-based post this time! I haven’t done this series since last spring. These photos are actually from Monday the 4th of March, as I became sick the day after and didn’t get a chance to post this. Here’s what was on my mind on March’s first Monday:

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Unicorn painting

Hi guys! Long time no see!

Life’s going great, I am having amazing time on my job and I’m so happy for the Christmas holidays.

I was asked by Teo’s aunt Sonja to create a fairytale unicorn painting for her daughter who just turned 3 years and who is also Teo’s god daughter. Sonja said that there can be used glitter (yay!) and I immediately had an inspiration and started planning the painting.

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