My Week In Outfits

Hi y’all! Welcome to my blog.

I have wanted to do an outfit post for quite some time and now I decided that I’ll do it, no matter what! So here goes, my outfits in a Febryary week. (Sorry for the low quality photos!)

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Well hello 2019!

Hi there! Happy new year to you!

How was your holidays? I went back to work on January 2nd and the Christmas break had been very warmly welcomed. I got to sleep late and do whatever I wanted to do. Now I think my energy has charged well for the spring season (although the coldest winter is still yet to come..)

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Unicorn painting

Hi guys! Long time no see!

Life’s going great, I am having amazing time on my job and I’m so happy for the Christmas holidays.

I was asked by Teo’s aunt Sonja to create a fairytale unicorn painting for her daughter who just turned 3 years and who is also Teo’s god daughter. Sonja said that there can be used glitter (yay!) and I immediately had an inspiration and started planning the painting.

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