Bye Bye 2019

Hi there! Happy New Year and Welcome to my blog!

To sum up the year 2019, it has been very long, exhausting and some times tiring year. Of course there has been very great moments such as parties with friends and cats everyday and such. But still, I’m very happy that now the year is 2020 and all can be started on a clean slate!

But why to summarize a year without any photos? Not in this blog! Let’s see what I have been up to last year:

We celebrated the 2019 new year’s eve with this crew of ladies.

There were this much snow in last January! Fun to see when this year’s winter weather begins, because we have had a couple of snowy days but not anything like this.

Suffeli was suspicious towards my new headphones.

Somewhere around March I found my all time favourite Ben&Jerry’s ice cream Phish Food from R-kioski near Kerava’s train station! I was so happy that I bought few cans for storage, but they were gone quite quickly..😅

My dear grandmother bought me a birthday and a xmas present early this year! I wished for an iPad Pro, because I wanted to start painting digitally. It has been a very long learning path but I think I have improved my skills!

I started painting a gift painting for a friend but then the deadline for the painting was too tight so I gave up. I finished the painting in late December and it’s still waiting (on our kitched corner floor) for it’s place in this world.

A movie night with my dear friend Tessa❤️ We watched Tangled!

The Mama Mezze restaurant in Kerava has the best steaks!

Suffeli’s cat malfunction😄

In April me and my two made of honours went to see one wedding venue in Tuusula. The place was spacious and largely customizable so me and Teo decided to book it. Afterwards us girls went to get huge salads😋

I could wear a jumper and sunglasses outdoors in the end of April! Very summer vibes.

I hosted a bridal brunch for all my made of honours for a get together and information. Sadly I didn’t manage to get any photos because I was so busy hosting😅

We had a date night with Teo!😍I did my make up and we dressed fancy and went to eat sushi in our favourite sushi restaurant in Kerava.

Me and my grandmother visited an art exhibition by Heli Laaksonen in summer, at Erkkola, Tuusula. The exhibition was very inspiring, you don’t have to always have a canvas or paper to paint, that you actually can use many more different surfaces.

I found a very beautiful pair of heel sandals by Rieker from Sokos or somewhere. They felt amazing when I tried them out. It turned out that these sandals were so painful to use that I couldn’t use them anymore because my feet were bleeding all the time 😞

First office lunch outdoors, yum!

Emil has his own ways to get cooler when the summer heatwave starts. The tail reminds me of some kind of antenna😂

My grandmothers fence needs a cut every summer. This year I think I managed it quite well!

I got to try long boarding for the first time! Note the matching helmet and the board😎 although it was fun, I fell pretty badly and it was the last time long boarding that summer😅

Our team organised a potluck breakfast before the summer holidays, and if this video plays, it shows there was a lot to eat!

One of the best days of last summer was my brother’s wedding in July, in Suomenlinna. I had a great time and I got lot of inspiration for me and Teo’s wedding next summer!

Suomenlinna was a beauty also in the evening🌅

We found our wedding church! It was so cute and simply beautiful, fortunately there were free times to book it😊

On our anniversasy tradition trip to Tampere! Maybe next time we try some other town.. and I mean in summer 2021 because our wedding is the next day our anniversary is this year! So much to celebrate💃

Me travelling to Sweden to visit my cousin’s family!❤️

Summer and Märsta – amazing combo!☀️

Here’s me and my dear cousin Kati😊❤️

Emil getting cozy, nearly asking someone to pet his tummy😻

We and our friends went to a Medieval festival in Hämeenlinna in the end of summer. While Teo focused on building with sticks, us girls focused on posing😄

We had a nice little picnic in the last days of summer to celebrate our friend’s birthday. I got to try this fisheye (?) objective on my phone and although the photo is quite blurry, I still like it☺️

Me and a three of my friends went to Linnanmäki in September! It was very nice weather and almost literally no waiting lines for any rides. I was feeling a bit reckless and went almost every ride that I had swore I would never go. My favourite rollercoaster is Taiga all the way!

I bought an orchid to my desk in spring. It had million flowers when I bought it, but then all the flowers dropped and the plant was bald with sticks. Well, I cut most of the dried sticks and kept on watering it. Then it started to grow again!

I had to get myself a pair of balloons on my birthday. And fortunately my friend Susanna captured me with the balloons so I will have a nice memory of that day🎈

My friend Petra gave me pink roses for bday present! I had to take them to my desk because I love plants and flowers, but so does our cats and everything is eaten if we don’t pay attention😅

My blooming baby orchid!🌷

On Father’s day me, my brother and his wife and our dad went to Mall of Tripla to eat out. There was beautiful tree made with lights. It was nice to wander around the new mall because it’s b i g.

My dear friend Nora invited me to go and see Sofi Oksanen presenting her newest novel in Kerava’s library! We had a great time and both got signatures in our books!

The rest of the year didn’t go as planned. I got terribly sick and the Christmas time was definitely different comparing to a normal Christmas for my family… Fortunately I have many people around me and I’m grateful for each of them for making me feel loved and cared during dark times.

So the year was full of emotions, happiness, good food, work and getting to know my new (and awesome!) team, and so on.

That’s about it! Sorry for the mile long post, there were after all a lot of happy memories during the year 2019, maybe emphasizing the summertime.

Thank you so much for reading and finding my blog again, after many months of silence. Every visitor counts and motivates me to keep on blogging about well, anything related to my life.

You are important to me☝️❣️👩‍💻

Feel free to leave a comment if you like and we’ll see on the next one!



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