Yesterday In Photos 5

Hi guys! How’s it going today?

So the summer is nearly it’s halfway if we are thinking in months. Time just flies so fast. Well, at least my summer holiday is still ahead of me; I’m going to be on holiday for two and a half weeks starting on 29th June. Can’t wait!

My holiday plans are quite confirmed. First me and Teo go to Tampere for two days in a hotel to celebrate our anniversary. It’s been a lovely tradition for us to do something nice on our anniversary days❤️

After Tampere I’m travelling to Sweden to visit my cousin and her lovely family. I’m so excited and eagerly waiting for the trip, as it was so amazing last time I went there, back in 2016😍

But let’s get to the point that is photos from yesterday👉

I decided to work remotely for the first time in my new job at Telia and everything went perfectly! No worrying about the connections etc, all worked just fine. I like to set up an office usually on the sofa or on the bed and yesterday I chose the bed. Our cat Suffeli likes to be the “assistant” for me and he keeps me company😊

Lunch time! Yesterday’s lunch menu was a basic tuna salad. I tried sun-dried tomatoes in it and they were definitely not my favourite.. well now I know not to eat those in the future!

After the work day was done I decided to test out a couple of decorative light sets that I bought for our wedding. The round ones I found from Lidl (it was a little adventure to find these as the white clear ones were sold out from Kerava and Tuusula. Thank you grandma for driving me to Järvenpää!😄)

And the “light curtain” I bought from wedding second hand group on Facebook. I think I’m well ahead of preparing decorations for our wedding that are almost a year from now!

Because it was a nice weather outside and I felt energetic, I decided to go exercise outdoors! I went on a 30-minute bike ride and then couple of times up the workout stairs in Keinukallio.

After shower I wanted to finish watching Black Panther from Netflix as I had watched it in parts since last weekend. Suddendly I heard a little purr and looked behind me: Emil watched the movie too, behind my head😀

As an evening meal I had quark and berries, but as happened with my dinner I didn’t remember to take a photo. So here’s my evening tea instead. That flavour is very tasty with a löräys of oat drink😋

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to comment if you like. I hope you have an amazing weekend and we will see on the next one! Take care❤️



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