Happy Future Mrs

Hi guys! How’s it going today?

I have great news: me and Teo have started to plan our wedding! We have been engaged since 2016 so this obviously is a natural continuum for our relationship.

Our plan is to get married in August 2020, so there’s plenty of time left for the preparations. I’m so excited about this, as I have planned the decorations, the venue, the dress, the colour palette… the list just goes on! We have chosen the theme colours but I don’t want to reveal them here, because things can change along the way.

We hosted a bridal brunch for my made of honours and bridesmaids a while ago. I have never organized a brunch before but it was so much fun! Thankfully Teo helped me a lot with the menu because there was so much to do. Teo also made chocolate mousse for dessert and it was delicious.

The brunch menu contained croissants with stuffings, strawberry salad, baguettes and more. Everyone liked the menu and I was so happy that my first brunch was a success!

For wedding planning I have been using Pinterest quite actively. It’s so useful to gather all the ideas into one place that you get the idea immediately with one glance.

I have also got inspiration from a wedding magazine, which Teo bought me for a surprise! Although I have quite clear vision on the wedding, I want the wedding to look like us and not just me.

The wedding magazine has been super inspiring! It’s so thick that I haven’t finished it yet😀

Well what’s my priorities regarding our wedding? I have decided that for example I want to invest in the wedding ring instead of the dress, because the ring is the one I’m going to watch for the rest of my life.

Of course I want to go to a bridal gown store with my made of honours to try out what dress style suits me, but my goal is to find the dress from second hand or online stores. (But I’m also prepared if I find The Perfect Dress from the store I won’t say no to that😁)

Here’s my engagement ring which I have loved since the day I said yes❤️

Last Valentine’s day I sent handmade greeting cards to my friends asking them to be a part of the wedding party. I have two made of honours and four bridesmaids, plus Teo’s sister and cousin as bridesmaids also. I wanted to have a lot of people around me so the burden is not so big on only one person and the day is (hopefully) stress-free for everyone.

What else? Well I have another great news: I recently signed a new job contract to Telia as a Digital Graphic Designer! I’m super excited, as the job is permanent and I don’t have to worry about fixed-term contracts that the job is going to end soon. And because I have done Telia’s materials since 2017 at TBWA\Helsinki, my colleagues, work tasks and office are not going to change!

There was so beautiful flowers outside on my way to work so I had to take a photo with them😄

Of course I’m a bit sad that I have to leave TBWA with wonderful people and all, but life is full of changes all the time and I’m just trying to be positive about this. But still, you’ll never know what adventures lies ahead in the future! Life’s full of different doors waiting to be opened😊

Here’s me after the TBWA summer party. I love it when I can do a party look!

Last Friday was a very hot and sunny day. I decided to go get my favourite ice cream after the long work week was finished.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment😊I wish you a wonderful week ahead of you and hopefully the summer weather stays as beautiful as it has been now!

Take care and see you on the next one❤️



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